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Power Apps | Hong Kong | China | Taiwan | Japan | US

Agile and Low Code Development

With office 365, we can build apps with point-and-click approach. You can have the app to connect your business with web, iOS, Android platform. App capabilites can be exteneded by using Azure function and connectors.

There is a large selection of ready connectors to start with, you can have your app connect to most popular cloud application and even on premise.

Power Apps Connector

Power Apps connector 
Power Apps allow you to connect with different data sources including Dynamics 365, Office 365, Sharepoint, Onedrive, SAP, Salesforce, SQL server, oracle database, Slack, anything you could name it with custom APIs. 

We have over 100+ power Apps already built with successful customer story in APAC 

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How to use AI builder for power apps


Hong Kong | Shanghai | Shenzhen | Taiwan | Japan | Cambodia | United states

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Hong Kong

Address: 6/F, Spaces,  8 Queens Road East,  Admiralty , Hong Kong


Telephone: (+852) 2594 0130





Address: 114台北市內湖區瑞光路335號12樓





Address: 上海市静安区石门二路483号





Address:   2-5-8 赤坂 東京都 107-0052



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