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Reprogram the World

Get started today, on the leading IoT platform that takes you from prototype to production.

The IoT Foundation For Industry Titans and Disruptors


IoT, Unblocked

Particle is a full-stack PaaS that makes it easier than ever to build connected products that accelerate growth, optimize operations, and change entire industries for the better.

A Fully Integrated Platform-as-a-Service

Particle makes IoT software, connectivity, and hardware work together seamlessly in one PaaS, so you can connect your products without worrying about security, scalability, or connectivity issues.

Customizable IoT, Endless Possibilities

Everything about Particle is reprogrammable and reconfigurable so you can develop custom applications for your precise use case.

Trusted by over 270,000 developers around the world

Launch your product faster with our easy-to-use APIs, SDKs, and documentation.

"We've been a Particle partner for four-and-a-half years now. Particle takes care of the cellular connectivity, the security, the infrastructure - all of it - and it just works."

Mario Cruz

CTO, Watsco

The Industry Standard for IoT Solutions

Across industries, Particle is the catalyst for future-forward companies to find growth opportunities, improve customer experiences, and create competitive advantages. We’ve taken what we’ve learned and created solutions to help you deliver more value.

How Did Qube Build an Industry-Changing Emissions Monitoring Solution with Cellular IoT?

Qube is pioneering a new approach to emissions monitoring by harnessing the Particle edge-to-cloud IoT platform. By connecting monitoring devices via cellular networks, they've created a continuous emissions detection system that detects sources of emissions and gives real-time insights on leak sources, quantity, and type.

Now, anyone with emissions-producing equipment can identify and mitigate leaks before they become bigger problems, improving operations and ensuring compliance.

Learn how they did it in this case study.


A Proven Way to Reprogram Your Business

Over 8,000 companies have brought connected products to market with Particle. Getting started is simple.

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