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Power Automate

Power Automate

Power Automate for twitter

Power Automate | Twitter | Asia

Customer story: 

When there is a new tweet is created, Power Automate can check how many followers the user have. And add them as leads in CRM/ ERP, subscribers in mailchimp, and more...

Approval request notification


Customer story:

Manage an approval workflow for your data quickly and easily through email notification.

Possibilities Beyond Microsoft ...

Power Automate Connector | Hong Kong | Taiwan | Japan | Unitied States

The connector able to connect to the any non Microsoft easily including Mailchimp, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Google Drive, Twitter , SAP, Salesforce, Slac, etc

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Power Automate can communicate with...

  • Teams 

  • Share point 

  • Email 

  • Power Apps 

  • Power BI 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enable you...

  • Quickly organize your documents using dedicated files and folders actions

  • Accurately extract data from websites and store them in excel files using Web and Excel automation

  • Apply desktop automation capabilities to put your work on autopilot

Approval function like ...

  • Single Approval 

  • Approval with attachment 

  • Everyone must approve 

  • Approval from group

  • Sequential approval 

  • Parallel approval

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Connect your teams with power platform

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