Microsoft Dynamics 365
Finance and operation

D365 FO


  • Set up your sales team to collaborate on strategic deals.

  • Make sound, strategic decisions based on digital intelligence.

  • Win new and repeat sales using a personalized sales process.



  • Manage financials, sales, service, and operations in one place.

  • Get more done securely with in-app workflows and audit trails.

  • Share reports on performance, sales, inventory, and orders.



  • Get a unified view of your customers across sales and marketing, providing a new understanding of their journey.

  • Take a more proactive approach to sales and marketing. Anticipate customer needs, uncover insights, and personalize across all customer touchpoints.

  • Align sales and marketing activities to extract more customer value. Sell faster and more efficiently—while creating and measuring marketing ROI.



  • Manufacturing

    • Simplify production floor management.

    • Accelerate product introductions.

    • Offer flexibility in delivery alternatives.

  • Retail

    • Deliver amazing customer experiences.

    • Move products smoothly from procurement to sale.

    • Merchandise effectively.

  • Finance

    • Gain immediate financial insights.

    • Drive corporate strategy and growth.

    • Decrease debt through efficient collection management.

  • IT

    • Enables rapid business transformation.

    • Cost-effectively supports the IT needs of the business.

    • Grows at its own pace.


Project Service Automation

  • Deliver accurate estimates to start your relationships right.

  • Use a repeatable service model for on-time, on-budget projects.

  • Stay agile using real-time metrics to manage multiple deliverables.


Field Service

  • Reallocate your resources quickly as new work orders come in.

  • Simplify dispatching with map views and visualizations.

  • Process work orders, including signature collection, remotely.


Customer Service

  • Reveal customers’ case histories, preferences, and feedback.

  • Give customers great service on their channel of choice.

  • Provide guidance on entitlements and service-level agreements.


Customer Insights

  • Manage every data point from individual customers in real time.

  • Seamlessly integrate with familiar tools, like Outlook and Excel.

  • Connect into existing data sources—no new systems or training.

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Dynamics 365 Finance 


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Dynamics 365 FO globalization

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Dynamics 365 FO power BI

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Dynamics 365 FO globalization

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