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Lumen Technologies lights the way for citizen development with Microsoft Power Platform

Lumen Technologies lights the way for citizen development with Microsoft Power Platform

Hear from Andrew Gaskins, Global Power Platform Lead at Lumen Technologies, who hosted the first meeting with a group of internal Microsoft Power Platform citizen developers by showing a custom animation. “The video showed a bunch of helicopters flying in with LEGO pieces and zoomed out to reveal the title of the group: Lumen Makers. I love LEGO, and that is really how we think about Microsoft Power Platform - as building tools like LEGO pieces.” Today, 819 app makers and 1,391 flow makers are part of the Lumen Makers community, sharing best-practices and reviewing new features of Power Platform. While building low-code custom apps and workflows might not be child’s play, Gaskins chairs the Lumen Maker’s group with the goal to make creating business solutions with Microsoft Power Platform as accessible and approachable as possible. In addition to facilitating the creation of more than 3,500 apps and 12,000 plus flows, the Lumen Makers community has succeeded in creating an environment that supports new ideas and innovative solutions. “The thing I find the most satisfying about the community is that it’s circular. I learn so much from the other makers that I can bring back into what I do and continue to share.” If you'd like to join lively discussions, events, and user groups through a platform-wide ideas, insights and helpful resources, click the link below to find out more about our very own Microsoft Community. #powerplatform #lumen #microsoftcommunity
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